Some ducks and geese on the water.

Thunder and Herbs

The written words of Jenny Hackett

Concrete Hysteria

Note: This story is about trauma, capitalism, Madness and the war machine. Additional content warnings for body horror, abuse and psychiatry.

Monsters are haunting New Gloucester: terrifying gigantic beasts known as Aberrants. In order to protect the lives and order of the city, the Thanatos Project was initiated, building huge machines driven by human pilots to fight this uncanny menace.

Iris Platt never expected to get caught up in all of this. She just wants to live her life taking care of her dad, listening to trashy pop music and vibing. But when she finds herself the miraculous survivor of an Aberrant attack, she's rapidly pulled into a disorienting world of unsettling science and experimental technology, with only the company of military personnel and some incredibly poorly-adjusted Thanatos pilots to keep her sane.

Iris finds herself pushed to the limit. Can she become the formidable pilot everyone seems to expect her to be? And what's more… does she even want to?