About Me

I am: a musician; a writer; a poet; a woman; a vegetarian for ethical reasons; a believer; a lover of puzzles; straight, in the sense of being direct; an anarchist, in that I believe that everybody deserves an autonomous life worth living; a mad-woman, in that I suffer from depression and anxiety; an autistic person; a lover of nature.

I have been: a researcher; an atheist; a pantheist; an activist; a Discordian; a confused and isolated teenager; an ideologically confused liberal socialist.

I might be: confusing; overly cautious; nonbinary, in some way too subtle for any words that I have found thus far; unreasonable.

I am not: patient; cisgender; straight, sexually speaking; straight, in the sense of being totally honest; a cat owner, despite my most fervent desires.

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